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Baby Sling - Baby Wrap Carrier for Newborn to 35 lbs Infant with 3 Carrying Positions - Grey

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Juicy Bumbles

Baby Sling - Baby Wrap Carrier for Newborn to 35 lbs Infant with 3 Carrying Positions - Grey

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The Juicy Bumbles baby sling is a must for any parent who wants to enjoy an enhanced bonding experience with their child while also having the freedom to use both their hands. Our baby wrap is strong, comfortable and versatile and allows you to carry your baby or toddler facing the front or the back, or in a lying position. Plus, studies have proven that babies who are held more are less likely to cry and fuss - making our baby sling better for baby and better for you! 

Juicy Bumble’s baby sling is suitable for use with newborn babies as well as toddlers of up to three years of age. Because it can safely hold children of 0-16kg, it’s the only baby wrap you’ll ever need to buy! 

Made from 95% high quality cotton and 5% stretchy spandex it creates a warm and snug environment for your baby to nestle in while giving you the freedom to use both your hands, all while creating an opportunity for bonding that you just won’t get from using a stroller. 

The sling is simple to put on and take off – detailed instructions are provided. 

The sling is 150cm long and 30cm wide. <br>


  • SECURITY AND COMFORT: our sling is made from high quality cotton and spandex and is strong enough to hold children of up to 35lbs/15kg. The clever wrap design ensures it's comfortable for both you and your baby at all times.
  • HANDS FREE CONVENIENCE: whether you're doing household chores, out shopping or tending to baby's brothers or sisters, you'll keep your little one close while still being able to use both your hands. You can say goodbye to that bulky pram or buggy too when making short trips.
  • PERFECT FOR BABY BONDING: your baby is happier and more content when they're close to you and when they're in the sling they'll be comforted by the warmth of your body and the beating of your heart.
  • SOOTHE AN ANGUISHED BABY: when your baby is in the wrap their muscles are more relaxed making it less likely that they will cry and more likely that they'll fall asleep.
  • HEIGHTEN BABY'S AWARENESS: when your baby is in the sling they'll be experiencing the same sights and smells as you, helping to boost their learning and emotional development while providing a safe and stress-free environment.

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